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Hey, I'm Selina!


I am a high vibe Holistic Health coach for people who want to, get back into the driving seat and take their health to the whole new levels.    

I'm absolutely in love with life and I've been working with people like you, all over the world, empowering them to get back on track and reaching whole new levels with their health, igniting their inner spark and how they truly see & feel in themselves.  

I hold great pride in my unique programmes and Holistic Health coaching services which all have practical and easy-to-implement ways of improving your health & wellbeing naturally!!


I live for a happy & healthy life, and over the years I have reached ultimate freedom and successfully overcame many personal health issues, from disordered eating habits & patterns, stress, boredom & emotional eating, sugar cravings, weight fluctuations, hormonal problems, low energy, skin conditions, acne, digestive complaints, low-confidence, low self-worth, negative body image and much much more.  

When I successfully broke through my limiting beliefs, became more in-tune with my body, practised intuitive eating, living more mind-fully & learned to 100% love and care for my body with full and total acceptance, my health & energy levels soared.  


I knew I wanted to empower people from all over the world to do the same.  I wanted to share my knowledge, wisdom & everything I learned along the way with the world.....


"Surviving to Thriving"

Let's do this!!

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The Holistic Coach

Empowering people to get their health back on track, so they can feel their ABSOLUTE BEST!

Are you ready to take back your power and finally take your health into your own hands?

For those who are ready to live that life in the highest version of themselves....

  • That wants to break free from guilt, shame, dieting, comfort eating & uncontrollable food cravings

  • That wants to Improve their body image, self worth & self-confidence

  • Wants to live more actively, joyfully & stress free

  • Is totally committed & determined, no matter what!!

  • Can see EXACTLY how much their life would improve, if they started to really take care of their body, health & mind...

  • Knows this is 100% the next step they needs to take, to take their health to the next level!!!!

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How to deal with stress & overwhelm without letting it affect your physical & mental health!

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