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"The nutritional plan has been transformative for my physical, social and mental wellbeing. Before following the plan, I experienced severe adult acne that was extremely painful and made me deeply uncomfortable in social situations.  Soul Nutrition's holistic approach to investigating the cause of my acne, combined with her supportive and warm manner, helped me to feel prepared to take steps in the right direction. Four months on from our first consultation, my acne has cleared, my skin no longer feels swollen and painful, and I can walk into public (without make-up!) feeling confident and comfortable. The plan also left lots of space for flexibility, so I did not feel like I was on a painful diet.  Working with her has been one of the most positive health and wellbeing experiences I have known."

CK - Australia

Client achievement stories

"Selina was extremely friendly and professional in providing a thorough consultation and evaluation of my nutritional issues.  Fatigue and bloating were my main concerns at the time.  The plan was very detailed, with great ideas for recipes and shopping lists that swapped some of my trouble foods.  Since my new meal plan my energy levels are more stable and I have not had any digestive issues.  Great advice and always available to contact." 

IAK - Ireland

"The Nutritional therapy consultation I had with Soul Nutrition I found was very thorough in the session and I felt comfortable answering the questions to help develop the meal plan.  I learned a lot from the information that was sent afterwards and really enjoyed the new meals, ingredients and the way my body felt after a few weeks of putting it into action.  I find I miss cooking for myself and eating recommended foods when I must eat out frequently and the meal plan slides.  I always look forward to being able to nourish myself again with Selina’s influence and support which has been ongoing


CS - Australia

“I had a great consultation with Soul Nutrition and I found it very informative and useful.  She guided me to foods and nutritional supplements that would be suitable for me and my health concerns.  Some foods that I was avoiding were replaced with others and provided a selection of choice and recipes to help me with the change which was great!! Overall, I found it a great benefit to my lifestyle and my health has improved since, thanks a lot Selina!”


DG - Ireland

"Selina makes some of the best food I've had in my life.   There is something so healing about it...within days - my body is in perfect rythym.  Selina is incredibly knowledgable - using food to heal and recover.   She makes individual meal plans that are manageable - with recipes and support for those who have specific health ( including mind) issues they want to work on.  She will work with you to deveop an eating plan (not a diet) that works well and is accessible. 

SE - Canada 

"Selina's food is out of this world.  I always feel incredibly nourished after a week of delights she cooks on retreat.  The love and care that goes into her cooking is evident in every mouthful.  Add that to her incredible knowledge of Ayurvedic nutrition, it's a recipe (sorry) for success.  

I was also lucky enough to have a nutritional consultation with Soul Nutrition and it has helped me so much with my general well-being and energy levels, understanding and listening to what my body is telling me, being able to properly nourish myself from the inside.  Her cookbook is also amazing!! xx "

"CK - United Kingdom

"I met Selina during a Retreat and she was preparing the most delicious food ever.

At the time I was suffering from very different physical manifestations of illness and in specific a digestive intolerance to mostly all foods.
With Selina´s knowledge and professional experience of Nutrition, cooking and Ayurveda she helped me understand some habits and my unbalanced dosha.  She created a detailed and personal nutrition plan with recipes and natural remedies that helped me balance some of my physical symptoms restoring wellbeing to my life. I highly recommend her guidance and knowledge in nutrition." 

PN - Portugal

"I am still using the information put together for me by Soul nutrition I was very impressed with the time taken to listen to my requirements specific to my schedule/lifestyle. This meant I actually used the recipes as I am not an ambitious cook and I am caught for time. I have a juice recipe every morning Mon to Fri and it sets me up for the day. This represents great value for money as you are provided with a good variety of recipes you will manage so all the research is done for you. I got great advice regarding supplements too as the market is so big you don't know what to take. I was advised to take supplements again specific to my needs. If you want to feel better generally use Soul nutrition you will not regret it and do try to stick to the advice given I use 80/20 rule and try to apply it 80% of time which is realistic but I firmly believe you will get out of your body what you put in and Soul nutrition will guide you on that."

KB - Ireland

"I never was a person who takes care so much of my diet or healthy food.  I thought I was eating healthy and I was listening to my body.
But then I met Selina, with her beautiful colourful stews and salads, using interesting ingredients which I might not have been heard before.
She made a nutrition plan for me, which was WONDERFUL.   Selina takes care of your everyday life,  she sees the details which might be hard to recognise for us, what we could change to increase our energy levels throughout the day.
and I’m so proud now of her, she changes people’s life & smiles, taking a holistic look on the persons body.   She combines foods, meditation, daily practices and Ayurveda and if you try at least to go step by step into the plan you will feel and see the results so obviously!!

Thank you so much for everything you thought of for me and time you spend for me."

IK - Lithuania

"After two weeks of eating the food recommended, my body absolutely transformed.  I was no longer craving sugar and processed carbs.  Natural flavours became much more intense as I eliminated processed foods from my diet.  I wasn't tempted by foods that contained a large amount of sugar and un-healthy fat.  My body seemed to have reset itself and I was more aware of what foods made me feel good.  Selina's meals are incredibly delicious and nourishing - she is an absolute goddess in the kitchen "

CG - Australia

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