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The Holistic Approach

All you need to know

In brief, I am a Naturopathic Nutritional & Ayurvedic therapist, consultant & Holistic Health Coach, specialising in Eastern & Western Nutrition & wellness Practises.   


I incorporate knowledge from all of the expertise, which gives a total holistic and modern approach to health and wellness. 

"The Holistic Coach" approach holds the knowledge in evidence based nutrition, along-side the foundations of the age old Eastern Medical system, using food as medicine, that has been used for thousands of years with great success.  

"If it's not broken, don't fix it".

I use a realistic approach when it comes to diet and lifestyle changes.  I don't do calorie counting, or strict measuring or weighing, I feel the approach to health and wellness should be enjoyable and come with ease so it fits easily into your life with no major disruptions. 

I believe the food you eat has to be super tasty, people sometimes have fears that healthy food tastes bland, dry or boring.  This is how my professional chef skills can help.  The first stage of proper digestion starts with the taste buds. 

I believe in an 80-90% rule, it's a lifestyle change and the results are down to the effort you put in!!  This is the best approach, as it gives plenty of room to still enjoy what you love if it's done a little more mindfully and in a more balanced way.


So I can work with you, wherever in the world you are.  

If you are ready to take your health to whole new levels

I would love to hear from you!


Selina x

How it works...

  • Book a complimentary clarity call to see if it's a good fit  

 Rebalance, Recharge, Energise  & get your Health Back on Track, Naturally!!


This is a 12 week Exclusive Holistic Health, nutrition & wellness coaching to help you achieve life-long results that last.  This programme is designed to completely transform how you are currently feeling & revamp your physical energy & wellbeing.  

This programme will give you the tools that you need to take your health into your own hands, feeling your absolute best!!

Selina x

Learn how to effectively manage & deal with stress & overwhelm
Find your motivation to exercise, break through any limitations & beliefs that are keeping you staying stuck
Stay on top of your health & fitness, no matter what comes your way
Learn how quit eating when you are bored / tired / stressed or feeling low
Improve and find a balanced relationship with food so you can enjoy foods without feeling guilty or regretting it
Get clear on the food & nutrition that's actually going to make you feel great
Increase your energy, improve your natural healthy glow, feel better in your body & happier in your mind
Form & build positive healthy habits that stick long term
Achieve your personal goals by HONEST, CARING support & FUN from your amazing group & from me, Selina, Your

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