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Selina & Alan are an Irish Duo who are The Private Chef Company.  

We offer an Exclusive & unique dining private chef service here in Ireland, UK & Abroad.     

Selina is a 20 year professionally trained culinary artist who has travelled extensively to follow her creative passion, accumulating a deep understanding of food, flavours, textures and love for new and exciting dishes, giving rise to a tantalizing dining experience.   

She has spent many years cooking exclusively for families and groups worldwide from boutique villas & mountain chalets to luxurious retreats in Canada, Switzerland, Austria, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom.   


As a private chef, she he spent many years in Canada, in the high flying bustling Business city of Toronto where she catered for exhibitions in the National College of Art & convention centres all whilst being a busy Head chef at Toronto's infamous Jazz and supper club.    

She then travelled West, to her favourite dwelling being the Okanagan Valley, which is abundant with cherry orchards, fertile lands with organic fresh produce, where she catered for beautiful rustic and farm style intimate weddings.  

  Over her 20 years as a professional & private chef, along side her holistic health & nutrition background, she has refined her cooking style, taking it to the next level, infusing a fine touch to capture the natural and delicate flavours which deliver a delightful experience with a decadent finish.  

Alan has a great love and passion for fine food and is a big supporter of Farm to table.  He spent many years on his own journey around the world, diving into natural health, horticulture, organic growing and the cultivation of food and herbs which is a huge part of what we aim to deliver to you. 

We love to choose quality local ingredients, grown to the highest standard which ensures the best flavour  & taste to the dishes. 

Alan's creative artistic nature combined with a finely tuned palate and butchery skills delivers

 the perfect pair for The Private Chef Co.  


She is now blessed that herself and her partner Alan can offer this unique dining service in their home country, the magical Emerald Island of Ireland.    

We are very much looking forward sharing with you this bespoke and unique dining experience.

We are happy to tailor and personalise your dining requirements to make your special occasion an absolutely unforgettable experience.  

Selina & Alan



​Available for - Exclusive Household,  private dinner parties - private manor, castle, Boutique & intimate rustic weddings -  Health and wellness corporate events - Chalet - Villa - Short term personal & Private chef hire

Click here to see our menus, customised and Bespoke menu design available  



Just a taste of what we have to offer.  ​

We have so many dishes to choose from so it's best to book a call, have a chat so we can design the perfect menu for your taste and special occasion.  

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