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The Holistic Coach

Selina Kearns

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy -  Professional Cookery - Culinary Arts - Private Catering - Nutritional Consulting -  Online Holistic Health Coaching

I am a Holistic Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Ayurvedic Nutritional consultant, holistic wellness coach & an expert in Health & wellness cooking.  

I have spent many years integrating knowledge of Western nutritional science with Philosophies of Traditional Eastern Medical and health systems which brings a complete Holistic approach to modern day health and vitality.  


My mission is to reconnect you to your true nature through the transformative power of creativity, food, intuitive eating, correct and supportive nutrition & lifestyle adaptations that will assist you on your health journey.  


My pride and joy is my Signature 1:1 Exclusive Holistic Health Programme "Exhausted to energised". 


Periodically, I offer a wide range of workshops & group Programmes, online so we can work together, where ever you are in the world.  


If you are a busy woman and you are tired of suffering through & you are ready to take back control of your health, I would love to hear from you.

Selina x





 I used to live a crazy busy city life and I suffered terribly from digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, sleep problems, food intolerances, skin breakouts, had little to no energy, suffered from burnout, mood imbalances, weight fluctuations, cravings, uncontrollable eating, emotional eating, poor body, self-image, you name it, and it was really effecting my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as having a direct effect on My confidence, my relationships and my social life.  



Your body is very clever and can do great things for you if you get in touch with your true nature and listen to the signs it gives you.  Each body needs to be moved, rested & nourished in different ways.  Listening to your body is key to living optimally and now I have more energy in my 30's than I ever have had in my life before.    

Holistic nutritional therapy incorporates the five elements of health, physical / nutritional, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual, all working together to promote a positive mind body connection.  


I was born on the Emerald Isle of Ireland.   I trained as a culinary chef in Ireland and am extremely passionate about food that is both beautifully tasty and nutritious. 


I have travelled and worked in many countries across the globe, following the Spice route, learning traditional cooking techniques along my journey.   I am very fortunate to have met many great teachers & masters along my journey.  


My expertise are in health & wellness cooking,  Holistic Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy & Ayurvedic Nutritional consultancy,  

      What I believe.....


When you eat right & live correctly for your unique body design, including fresh vibrant foods, being active in perusing your goals, enjoy doing the activities you love to do, you begin to feel the benefits and power trickle through into your life, making long-lasting positive changes.  The mind gains clarity, the body becomes stronger, moods become balanced, the body is re-energised, full of natural vibrancy & vitality.   


Please feel free to get in touch, 


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